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clean [klen](n): a state in which
a sterilizer chamber can deliver heat to the load efficiently, and not transfer contamination to it.
C3 Sterilizer Cleaner

Sterilization Works Best With a Clean Chamber
Heat transfer is optimal and cold spots are less likely

Contamination Carryover
If the packaging isn't clean, the OR may think the load isn't sterile.

But Chamber Cleaners are TOXIC! I Don't Want To Do That!
C3 Sterilizer Chamber Cleaner contains no hazardous materials and has no unpleasant odor.

Eco and User-Friendly.

Removes rust, scale, stains and discoloration due to spills and normal usage.

• Safe for use with Stainless and Nickel-Clad Chambers.

• Extends the life of your sterilizer chamber.

• Leaves no residue; no special disposal required.

• Used once a week, C3 helps maintain a clean chamber that is easier to clean the next time.

• Use on spills and spots anytime,
wipe up with a damp cloth.

• Available as a starter kit and and in cases of six 16 oz. bottles.